What is wherediz?

Wherediz provides a scriptable utility to determine the geographic location of an IP address. Simply pass an IP address using curl to get a response of the location.


$ curl wherediz.com/ Mountain View, California, United States

Wherediz is designed to be script friendly if you need to get locations of a list of IPs, for example:

$ cat ip_list.txt

$ for i in $(cat ip_list.txt); do curl wherediz.com/$i ; done Fremont, California, United States Fremont, California, United States Guatemala Netherlands Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland Germany Germany Oslo, Oslo County, Norway


Currently wherediz only has a few options, to review them pass /help

$ curl wherediz.com/help
/[ip] - Shows the location of the IP Address
/json/[ip] - Provide a little more information in json format
/help - Show this message
/about - About this project


Wherediz was created by Aaron 'Dirty' Bennett in 2015 and is currently maintained by Joss Malasuk.
Please reach out on github if you run into any issues: https://github.com/jossmalo/wherediz

This utility includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from http://www.maxmind.com.